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Trimble Equipment

Rent Construction Equipment and Complete the Job in Record Time

You need precision work done this time, but have not been able to invest in Trimble upgrades for your heavy machinery. Sheroz Hire and Pawn will rent construction equipment that you need at a price that fits into your proposed budget and contract. Better yet, in many instances you can also hire an experienced operator so you can reap the maximum benefits from your technologically advanced equipment. Your walls will be straighter, the road will drain properly, and you will spend less time perfecting angles in the early stages of construction.

All the Trimble Equipment Required for a Precise Position

Whether you are looking for Trimble equipment to add to your loader or dozer, or are looking for a machine that comes equipped with all the upgrades, you can find it in our heavy equipment pawn shop. Save thousands off the sticker price and still get years of operation out of your new-to-you equipment. We run a quality check on all items that are added to our inventory so you can purchase with confidence. We also have data radios, digital levels, mobile mapping systems, and total stations for your surveying needs.

Dig the Foundation Flat and Square when You Install Trimble GCSFLEX Wiring Kits

Trimble GCSFLEX Wiring Kits are a real game changer for construction companies operating "dumb" loaders and dozers. Add GPS positioning and pre program your dig for a faster foundation that is ready to receive the pour faster. We check every kit for completeness. You simply spend a morning bolting it onto your machine and by afternoon you are operating a serious upgrade to your business. Our kits have been used in the field, but still have years of service life remaining.

Many Items are Available as a Dry or Wet Hire to Keep Your Payroll Under Control

Do you need your operators trained in the use of your new Trimble equipment? Ask us about wet hires for Trimble products. Our experienced operators can spend the day or week needed to get your crew up to speed, or we can stay on until the completion of the project. You save on their benefits package while improving productivity and quality of the delivered job.

When you want to bring the accuracy of Trimble products on board, but also need to save some cash, Sheroz Hire and Pawn is ready to come to your aid. Give us a call or scroll through our online shop to find the survey and construction equipment you need for your job.

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