Sell Construction Equipment

Regain Some of Your Capital and Sell Construction Equipment with Us

Are you done with the major paving project? Is your next contract focusing on a smaller site? When you no longer have a need for your functioning dozers, loaders, or survey equipment, call Sheroz Hire and Pawn. We can help you recoup some of those capital investments by connecting you to other companies across the country that need your used or new equipment. It is easy to sell construction equipment when you take advantage of our extensive network.

A Civil Construction Marketplace with a Smart Solution to Soaring Overhead

You can spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the proper survey or demolition equipment for the next job on the list, or you can radically improve your profits when you connect with our civil construction marketplace. Just like buying a used car, we offer you the opportunity to buy quality construction equipment without paying for the sticker price. Most precision and heavy duty equipment is designed to last for years on the job, but many units work for a year and then head to the recycling yard. Work greener and save these perfectly good items from the landfill.

Dry or Wet Hire Civil Construction Equipment

Is your construction company still growing and you need to use a new piece of equipment to complete the job? We offer civil construction equipment up for dry or wet hire. Load up just the dozer onto your long-distance prime mover trailer or request a certified operator to accompany it to your site. When the job is done, you just pay the bill, return the equipment, and watch your cost of operation plummet. If you lease your car, why wouldn't you apply the same concept to your heavy duty equipment?

Applying Green Concepts to the Construction Industry

When completing a civil engineering project, there is often a complete collection of earth movers, survey equipment, and demolition equipment that has no useful future with the construction company, so it gets sent to the recycling yard. We help to delay that final trip by connecting quality used equipment with hard working companies on the rise. Upgrade your loader with a leveler, add GPS to your dozer, or take your survey skills to the next level without a six-digit budget. Save more and keep more equipment out of the recycling stream.

Call Sheroz Hire and Pawn today whether you have a piece of heavy machinery that is no longer needed or you want to put one to work without spending some serious cash. Our ever growing network of construction contractors and you will benefit from this unique approach to keeping your budget on track.