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Fleet Tracking GPS Device

Oyster2 ( Price not attached, contact for more information)

Battery-Powered, IP67 Rated, Compact GPS asset Tracker.


Sheroz Earthworks Have partnered with connect fleet for the installation and management of the Oyster2 Gps Fleet tracker!


With the help of ConnectFleets Tracking software you can simply use the Oyster2 as a “place & trace” accessory on your fleet and vehicles! 


Applications of the Oyster2


  • vehicle and fleet tracking
  • non powered asset tracking
  • equipment locate and recovery
  • trailers and mobile assets
  • shipping containers and freight
  • anchoring and security of assets




  • full fleet visibility in real time
  • driver behaviour alerts for safer operations
  • streamline processed based on fleet data
  • advanced reporting
  • reduce costs wit proactive fleet maintenance
  • get notifications for critical events



 Get in contact with Sheroz Earthworks or Sheroz Hire and Pawn for more information on this product!