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Pawn Construction Equipment

Be Smart and Finance Construction Equipment

Sheroz Hire and Pawn give you a more affordable option when looking to add equipment to your job site. Instead of outlying hundreds of thousands of dollars, instead try to finance construction equipment. We have a wide variety of equipment for all types of tasks that are available for purchase or for hire. Since you are buying a used leveler, loader, or dozer, you enjoy significant savings along with flexible finance terms that work with your income flow.


Flexible Terms Let You Pay for What You Use

Are you intending on selling your machines after the job is done? We can take that into consideration when setting up your personalized agreement. Instead of shouldering the entire cost of a new machine, you share the cost with other contractors that also hire or lease the construction equipment for a week, month, or even several years. Since most of these machines are designed to last decades, we ensure that yet another company picks up the payments once you are finished.

Bought It Up Front? Pawn Construction Equipment to Regain Crucial Capital

Maybe you bought most of the surveying, demolition, and excavating equipment that is now stored in your garage. If your business is heading in another direction, you don't need to carry the maintenance costs of all that gear. Pawn construction equipment and put some cash back into your account while keeping the equipment out of the landfills and recycling stream.

Whether you want to clear out the garage or add something to it, Sheroz Hire and Pawn have the construction, survey, demolition, and excavation equipment you need. We always verify the function of each unit brought to us so you can purchase or hire with confidence.

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