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Machine Control Equipment.

Upgrade Your Dozers with Machine Control Equipment

Were you impressed by the speed that the trench at the other job site was dug? Add machine control equipment to your dozers and loaders and open a world of possibilities. Sheroz Hire and Pawn has several bolt-on models available to buy or for hire. It takes just a couple hours to mount it to your compatible heavy equipment and to calibrate. Then you are ready to move all the material and create truly square corners, gently sloped ramps, and solid foundations at speed.

A Construction Company working with Our Neighbors toward a Better Future

We have built an extensive network of contractors and professional construction companies. Instead of maintaining the same set of equipment that sits unused in garages and warehouses between jobs, you can save cash by hiring the right machine for the right job. Your budget stays on track, your maintenance costs are lower, and productivity improves. Scroll through our online shop and properly equip your construction company today.

New and Used Controllers Ready for Use

You may sometimes find a new controller, demo kit, or rover sitting on our shelves just waiting for you. Many times contractors for major civil construction projects purchase new equipment that never gets used due to changing contracts. The extra equipment is sent to us as a bulk pawn, and you benefit by saving thousands over ordering a new one from the manufacturer. We quality test everything that comes into our shop, so you are ready to go.

For more information on rates, leases, and financing, give Sheroz Hire and Pawn a call today. We offer flexible terms and can even help you locate something that is missing from our shelves.

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