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Hand Surveying Instruments

An Advanced Construction Marketplace for Civil Construction Equipment

Did you just land the big contract and now you need hand surveying instruments or a GPS controller to get your project up and moving? Sheroz Hire and Pawn offers an advanced construction marketplace where you can find the upgrades for your heavy equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. We have put our years of experience in the industry to work and bring together both used and new equipment in one easy spot so you can find what you need at the price you can afford.

Hand Surveying Instruments Available at Significant Savings

Did the approval come through to start work and you just found out that your levels, compass, or laser is broken and there is no time to order in new equipment? Our shelves are loaded with quality used equipment ready to get back to work at an exceptionally low cost. You will also be supporting your green initiatives as these items avoid being discarded and are reused. We check every item for proper function before sending it back out into the job site.

A Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier that Keeps the Bottom Line Above Water

Our inventory extends well beyond simple hand held tools or remote controls. We are also a commercial & industrial equipment supplier able to deliver a grader, rover, excavator kit, or wiring harness to you while you save on the cost of a new item. Watch thousands of dollars vanish from your capital expenditure line with one simple call. Did you know that many construction companies will buy a unit and use it for a single job before discarding it rather than shipping it to a new location? You reap the benefits of their casual throwaway culture.

Pawn, Buy, or Wet Hire for a Fast Solution

Are you tackling a new segment of the construction project and don't have a qualified operator on hand? We also offer dry and wet hire options for many pieces of equipment. There is no need to add a licensed grader or dozer operator to your payroll when you hire both the equipment and its associated operator at a single low price. Are you done with the grader but are keeping the excavator? Our pawn shop connects your used equipment with other contractors in the area that need to save time and money while keeping their job on track.

Call Sheroz Hire and Pawn today and address your equipment and personnel shortages today. Many items can be shipped and others we will arrange delivery. Open a conversation with our customer service center today.

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