GPS / GNSS Rovers And Base Stations

Survey, Demo, and Construction Equipment Up for Hire

Did your survey equipment break down on the job? Did you determine that you need one more dozer to move mounds of earth? Sheroz Hire and Pawn has a wide range of construction equipment up for hire. You can lease the machine for a week, month, or longer, or do a wet hire and benefit from the professional experience of our seasoned operators. Have you considered adding more technology to your construction equipment list? Our online store is bursting with remote and bolt-on systems that bring added precision to your build.

GPS / GNSS Rovers and Base Stations Available for a Day, Week, or Month

Ensure you get the right measurement every time when you bring one of our GPS / GNSS rovers and base stations on board. Using the global navigation satellite system, you are able to perfectly position every corner of your project, enabling confident completion of your build even in the tight spaces of urban development. Our rovers and base stations have seen work previously and are completely checked for proper operation before we offer them up for sale or hire.

No Need for Large Warehouses of Unused Equipment when the Job is Done

In today's world where reuse and recycle is the green mantra, your construction company can do its part. When you hire the survey equipment for your singular project, you avoid sending the expensive items straight to the recycling yard when you work with us. We match growing companies with the levels, compasses, rovers, base stations, and other heavy machinery required for their big construction site. When done with your hired machinery, just bring it back to us and we will help it find the next job in a short time.

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