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Buy And Sell Construction Equipment

Buy and Sell Construction Equipment for Surveying

The survey is complete and you need to free up some cash to move the job forward. Sheroz Hire and Pawn helps you to buy and sell construction equipment by providing a central marketplace for new and used equipment. We specialize in working with contractors from across the country and helping to lower operating and project costs. Stop paying storage fees and put that dozer back to work. Keep used but functional survey equipment out of the landfills when you put it up for sale in our pawn shop.

SharpGrade Levellers Available at a Fraction of the Cost for New

You own the loader but want to improve the final appearance and function of your small paving project. We also have SharpGrade Levellers available for hire or for sale. With just a few hours required for installation, you can produce a perfectly graded sidewalk, walking path, or landscaped area without bringing in oversized equipment. If you do not have a trained operator on the payroll, ask us about our wet hire services. Once the job is done, return your leveler to our shop.

Grader Machine Control for a Professional Finish

Did you lose remote control to your grader? Sometimes it is just the grader machine control that needs to be replaced. Keep that major piece of equipment moving when you locate the compatible control on our pawn shop shelves. We always run a quality check for smooth operation on all equipment we take in. It can take months for a new unit to arrive from the factory. Our nation is always building, so take advantage of our collective wealth when you work with Sheroz Hire and Pawn.

New and Used Parts and Equipment Ready to Get to Work

How do we have new equipment for sale in our shop? When large contractors have to make major adjustments to the plan, sometimes they have purchased a piece of equipment that never gets used. Once the job is done, any item that they have no use for at the next location will be sent to us. We work our network of contacts in the industry to make sure that these high-quality controllers, levelers, and other types of heavy construction equipment avoid going to the landfill and enjoy a long and hard working life.

Check out our online shop for a sample of the equipment we have available for hire or sale. If you are looking for a particular controller or add on to your current grader, dozer, or loader, make sure to give us a call. Sheroz Hire and Pawn may just know the person or contractor that you need to get in touch with for a fast and affordable solution.

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